Office Visits

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends yearly OB/GYN wellness examinations.   The evaluation of each patient is dependent upon the age of the woman, her medical history and problems, and her goals.  For example, women in their teens or twenties have far different needs than a woman in menopause.  The doctors at Physicians to Women follow American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) guidelines for primary and preventive care to determine the type of examination and the tests that should be completed for every patient.  These guidelines are created to screen for the most common problems that a woman might face at a particular stage of her life.

Some focused examinations and office visits may follow a routine wellness exam.  It is important to communicate any acute or persisting symptoms that may occur to your doctor.  Even for symptoms not often related to our specialty, the doctors can recognize a problem area and then help with a referral to an appropriate practitioner or specialist for treatment.

Your doctor will offer suggestions aimed to keeping you healthy.   Unhealthy habits including smoking, obesity, drug use, and other lifestyle modifiable choices may be addressed in an office visit.  The risks of these behaviors are reviewed with the patient; the goal being a more healthy patient and longer, more fulfilling life for her.  

The doctors maintain best practice and skills by taking post graduate medical courses annually.   Evidence based practice of medicine is preferred.   

We hope that when you visit for any exam you will be satisfied and your medical expectations will be met.  We welcome comments as to how to make your office visits and our services more efficient and more comfortable.

Thank you for your trust in placing your health care needs in our hands.