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Preparing for Labor and Delivery at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital

Prior to your delivery at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, please consult the list of suggestions below:

  • It is best if you have a responsible and reliable adult accompany you to the hospital and drive you home. Please do not bring children or infants with you to the hospital.
  • You may bring the following items to make you more comfortable
    1. Robe and slippers
    2. Toiletries
    3. Medications you are currently taking
    4. Insurance card
    5. Camera
    6. Going home outfit and receiving blanket for infant
    7. Comfortable outfit for mom’s trip home
  • State law requires a federally approved car safety seat for transporting your infant.

Assuring a Safe Birth Experience

Our goal is to assure a safe environment which promotes family-centered care while providing the personal and intimate birth experience you desire. Our security system permits access to family and friends, while at the same time providing you and your infant with the privacy and safety you desire.

The Family Waiting Room

There are family waiting areas located on both maternity floors. In order to assure safety and privacy for all of our patients, we cannot permit visitors to wait in the hallway. It is important that your visitors understand this.

We understand that childbirth can be a very exciting and anxious time for those family and friends who are waiting. It is helpful for those waiting to periodically check on you. Direct phone access to the nursing station and your room is available in each waiting area. We will be happy to provide appropriate information if it is agreeable to you. Your support person can also easily call from you room and share updates with visitors who are waiting.

Sharing the Birthing Experience

To help us with your birthing experience, please begin thinking about whom you would like with you during the three most sensitive time periods during birth. When are admitted to the hospital to have your baby, the nurse will ask you for the names of persons you wish to have with you during these important times. This will help us provide the privacy you require while honoring your wishes. These periods are:

  • Labor – This can be a lengthy period. Many women have a support person who stays all the time but may also want others to be able to “visit” periodically.
  • Delivery (the actual birth of your baby) – Additional hospital personnel and equipment will be needed during this time so the room will be more crowded.
  • Bonding (the first hour after birth) – This is a time when nurses will be doing frequent assessments of you and your baby. It is also the best time to start breast-feeding. Most infants experience an alert state in the first hour following birth. This alert state is followed by a deep sleep. Breast-feeding is a learned experience. It is best to take advantage of the infant’s natural alertness immediately after birth to begin this learning process of feeding and bonding. Some mothers find it distracting to have numerous family and friends present during this period. During the bonding period, nurses will suggest ways to keep the baby warm. One of the best ways to do this is what we call “skin to skin” contact, which can be done whether you are breast-or bottle-feeding. Occasionally, circumstances may arise in which family and/or visitors will be asked to leave your room. Please make sure that they are aware of the possibility.
  • Couplet Care – In keeping with our philosophy to promote healthy family beginnings, the Mother/Infant Unit will utilize a couplet-care model. This evidence-based approach cares for the pair as one, providing each mother and baby a single nurse provider each shift. Our new unit supports this improved style of care in a comfortable and secure environment.

When it Comes Time to Come to the Hospital

  • If you are coming to the hospital in labor or with a pregnancy-related complaint, please enter through the main doors of the hospital and go to the main check in desk.  Do not go to the emergency department unless you believe you are experiencing an acute emergency.   Note: You should always call your doctor or the office with any pregnancy-related concerns (i.e. labor, bleeding, pain or ruptured membranes). 
  • If you are coming to the hospital for a scheduled induction or scheduled cesarean section delivery, enter the front drive of the hospital. Valet parking is available Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at this front entrance. Enter the South Front entrance and go to the Guest Services desk, where you will be directed to Patient Registration and then escorted to the Labor and Delivery unit (13th floor, South Pavilion).


From I-81

Take the I-581 exit. You will be heading south on I-581. Take the Elm Avenue exit. Turn right onto Elm Ave. After two blocks, turn left onto Jefferson Street. Continue on Jefferson Street to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

From 220

Take the 419 Franklin Road exit, turning right on Franklin. Proceed to McClanahan Street (which later turns into yellow Mountain Road), turn right and follow to the intersection of Jefferson Street. Turn left on Jefferson. Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital is on your right.