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Gynecologic Well Woman Exam

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends yearly OB/GYN wellness examinations. Some portions of the exam may be performed by your primary care physician (Internist or Family Practice), but many do not include certain specific aspects of women’s healthcare, for instance a thorough pelvic examination. Clearly, the importance of these examinations is obvious in order to diagnose and treat conditions which if caught early will prevent debilitating and potentially malignant processes.

The so called “yearly exam” protocols depend on the age of the woman. For instance women in their teens or twenties have far different needs and issues than women going through menopause. The doctors at Physicians to Women follow ACOG guidelines for Primary and Preventive Care as to what type of examination and what tests should be done. These guidelines are created to screen for the most common problems that women might face at any particular period of their lifetime.

Obviously, the conversation you have with your OB/GYN at the time of the visit may help to focus the examination on certain areas which may need in-office or outpatient testing. It is important to communicate any acute or persisting symptoms so that part of the process can focus on these problems. Though many of these signs and symptoms may not directly be related to the specialty of gynecology, we often can recognize how the problem area can best be treated and then help with a referral to an appropriate practitioner or specialists.

Finally, your OB/GYN will offer suggestions aimed to keep you healthy. When areas like smoking, obesity, drug use as well as other controllable lifestyle problem areas are addressed it is never done in a criticizing manner. We hope to make you better aware of the risks of this behavior and the potential for ways to stay healthier. We can lead you to information that is both scientifically accurate and widely accepted in the medical community.

We pride ourselves in maintaining our science and skills by taking post graduate medical coursed to stay current. We also practice only evidence based medicine that is the gold standard in overall medical care. You may rely on the fact that if we do not have an immediate answer for a problem we will direct you to appropriate testing or send you to another trained specialists who we trust to work on the problem.

We hope that when you visit for these examinations you will be satisfied that your medical expectations have been met. We welcome comments as to how to make these visits and our services more efficient and more comfortable. Thank you for your trust in placing your health care in our hands.